Here is a list of recommended reading and resources. Please feel free to share books, sites, and blogs that you recommend!

Books on Food and Health:

Spent: End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again by: Frank Lipman

The Maker’s Diet by: Jordan Rubin

Nourishing Traditions by: Sally Fallon

Super Natural Home by: Beth Greer

Raw Food by: Ani Phyo

The Detox Health-plan Cookbook by: Maggie Pannell

The Green Kitchen by: Richard Ehrlich

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by: Toni Weschler



Let me just say, I love blogs! If it weren’t for blogs I would be so lost when it comes to trying to eat clean. I am always finding new blogs and could spend an entire evening looking through all of the beautiful photos of food and reading about tips in swapping unhealthy ingredients for cleaner ones. There really is an entire world out there of vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/paleo/etc. blogs!




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