Beau at 16 Months

It’s official! Beau is no longer a baby. He is definitely a toddler and all boy! It seems like he has changed so much since he turned the Big 1 just four months ago. He’s crazy smart, very independent and always on the go. He makes parenting more of a joy but also a challenge each day. Since he’s got my temperament and stubbornness, he can make discipling so difficult at times. Time outs and spanks just don’t even phase him most of the time. (In fact, I’ll just take this time to publicly say a big I’m Sorry and Thank You to my mom for putting up with my tantrums as a toddler! šŸ™‚ ) Also, I am constantly learning not to hover! Beau is always getting into things and climbing on things and I catch myself saying “don’t do that” or “be careful” or “don’t touch”! I want to let him be adventurous and explore and get messy and climb and fall and learn to get hurt and that I’ll be there when he inevitably does. But, it’s hard to just let him learn on his own without always feeling like I have to be there to scoop him up at the first whimper or letting him make a mess because it’s fun and he’s being creative… even though I just see extra clean up time!

At 16 months:

  • You are just such a little boy! You love all things that go- cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, school buses. You love to wrestle and play rough and tumble. Funny story: We were at Gymboree Play & Music the other day and at the end of class all of the adults lift the large parachute up and down over all of the children. One of the little girls was just laying on her back watching the parachute fly up and down and Beau ran over and laid on top of her and say “aaaghhhhh” like he wanted to wrestle and the little girl was so scared. I thought it was hilarious and had to reassure other parents that he wasn’t assaulting her, he was just trying to play!

  • You love to be messy! You want to eat on your own and smear it all over, you like to spill your water and splash it all over your tray, and you think burping and tooting is funny. Good news, you aren’t a picky eater at all and will eat everything we eat!
Messy boy!

Messy boy!


  • You are so smart! You talk ALL THE TIME! You love to do learning activities like reading books, playing with shapes, playing with animals, and playing on the ipad. You almost know all of your letters and can either point to the correct one when I ask you or if I hold up a letter you can tell me what it is. For some reason, you are obsessed with letters U and V. You like to carry them around and say “hi U”, “hi V” and you point them out every time you see those letters on something. You are now playing for a lot longer by yourself and you play intentionally. Like getting out the barnyard and animals and just playing with it by yourself. Or pulling out books and reading through the entire stack all on your own. You also love being outside and playing in the water.

  • You want both mommy and daddy to be around all of the time. If one of us leaves the room you will say “mooommmmeeee” or “daaaadddeeee” until we come back. You love looking at pictures of us and pointing and saying “mommy, daddy, Beau”. I also think it’s so cute that you come up to us and say “hi mommy” or “hi daddy”. The other day you walked into the kitchen and said “hi daddy, yuv you” completely unprompted. So sweet.


You're a cool dude, Beau Wade!

You’re a cool dude, Beau Wade!


3 Comments on “Beau at 16 Months”

  1. Donna Long says:

    Watching you learn to be a mother is such a reward in itself… and Alan are amazing parents. Know that all the books, discussions and TV experts cannot tell you how to be a “perfect” parent ~ that does not exist. You will make mistakes, say things you wish you could take back, feel bad for having to discipline ~ but I promise you that your son and any future children will grow to be amazing adults just like you. I love you so very much ~ Mom

  2. Janet Dubac says:

    This is just lovely! Your kid is adorable. I also agree with donna that although parenting tips from experts from television can give you an insight on how it is done but it is the real experience that really get you through. I am looking forward for my babe to turn one and enjoy the same experience and fun that you are enjoying with your son. Congratulations!

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