Raw Milk- Part 1

Milk from a cow that roams on pasture and gets plenty of sunshine. Milk from a healthy cow that doesn’t need growth hormones and antibiotics. Milk that hasn’t been heated to a temperature that kills the nutrients and healthy bacteria. Milk that has a thick layer of cream at the top of the carton when you go to get a drink. This type of milk is something that most people don’t even realize is a possibility. It’s also the kind of milk that is illegal in some states! I’m talking about local, organic, raw milk!

I have consumed all sorts of milk! I grew up drinking conventional 2% milk, then switched to skim milk when I was in college because I was “eating healthy”. I also drank soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk when I went through a vegan phase. I still like homemade almond milk and coconut milk, but have cut out the soy. So, why did I switch to raw milk? Well, I have been trying to switch us to a diet that is very little processed foods and more of a diet that includes local products. So, when thinking about milk for us and Beau, I chose to go with raw milk, straight from the farm.

Check out that cream at the top! Yum!

Check out that cream at the top! Yum!

Just like me, I’m sure you’re wondering how this could be safe and how nutritious is raw milk compared to other milks and milk substitutes? I will be posting more information about the benefits of raw milk, where to buy raw milk, and the yummy things you can make with raw milk in upcoming posts. Until then, check out these links for more information about raw milk.

This is a cool infographic showing raw milk vs. pasteurized milk.

FAQ about real milk

The Devil In The Milk

Choosing The Best Milk


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