Show Your Dad Some Love!

Father’s Day is coming up soon and I bet you’re wondering what random gift you should get your dad this year! Well, here’s my advice. Skip the random gift. Show your dad some love with a letter. Take the time to write out all of your favorite memories of your dad, write down the things you learned from him, tell him how he’s impacted your life and how much you love him. This may feel corny to you, but seriously, a heartfelt letter letting your dad know he is loved and appreciated will be so much more appreciated than a coffee mug or t-shirt…. don’t you think!?

I wrote this letter to my dad on his 50th birthday and am so so so thankful I got to tell him EXACTLY how much I love him. I don’t look back at all the gifts I got my dad and think, “I’m sure glad I got him that Starbucks coffee set” or “Thank goodness I bought my dad that Gap pullover!”.

I wrote out a list of memories of my childhood that included me and my dad and then wrote a letter to tell him how much he was loved. Here is the letter I wrote to my dad on his 50th birthday  (I also got to read it at his funeral):

Dear Dad,

I know that as you are getting older and things are challenging in your life right now, it can be hard to think of all the blessings in your life and know how important and special you are. It sort of reminds me of a George Bailey scenario (from It’s A Wonderful Life). How great would it be to see what the world would be like without you!? Well, I can’t speak for the world, but I can speak for myself and my brothers and sisters. You are very important to me and so many other people. You are a dad, a husband, a brother, a son, a friend.  You have been given a wonderful family where everyone loves you. You have been blessed with the opportunity to give a high quality life to all of your kids. You are a blessing by the materials you provide. But, you provide so much more, things that only you can provide. You give love to your children that only a Dad can give, this is so important! You provide wisdom and advice on what seems like every topic…even if we don’t ask for it! 🙂

You provide encouragement when each of us wants to try something new or achieve a goal. You have always been there to show that you care and love us. The greatest memories I have of you are when you did small things to show I mattered. Giving me a Valentines Day gift when I was a little girl, playing on the playground with me, cooking pancakes and eggs for Saturday breakfast, helping me learn to ride a bike, buying me a car and helping me take care of it, coming to all of my games and dances, and so much more. The greatest gift you can give is your time, and this is how I know you love me. Thank you dad for always being there, for always showing a Father’s love, and for valuing me. I love you.



Last picture I have with my Dad- The day after Beau was born!

Last picture I have with my Dad- The day after Beau was born!

P.S. – If you don’t have a dad or aren’t close to your dad, you could do this for anyone in your life that means a lot to you. Your mom, a best friend, a mentor, or a family member that you adore.


2 Comments on “Show Your Dad Some Love!”

  1. Donna Long says:

    Jennifer, so insightful. I know your dad was very thankful and appreciative to have the thoughts from his family ~ even though he might not have said it. You are a wonderful daughter.

  2. Tara Bailey says:

    Beautiful thoughts Jennifer. He loved all of you very much.

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