Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised Fish


I recently just watched a documentary, Salmon Confidential, that takes a look at the salmon industry in B.C. Canada and how the government hides evidence of diseased laden fish, so that they can be sold to the public for consumption. I’ve known that wild caught fish is healthier than farm raised fish for a while. But, after watching this film, I have become even more convinced that it’s important to really know what your’re eating and where it comes from. Watch the film if you have the time, because it will make you think differently about eating fish!



If you don’t have the time, you can read this article.

These salmon are testing positive for Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISA), Salmon alphaviruses, Piscine reovirus (which gives salmon a heart attack and prevents them from swimming upriver). Scientists and local fishermen are seeing more sick and diseased fish than healthy fish. And these wild fish, along with the disgusting farm raised fish, are being approved to sell in stores and across the border to the U.S. 

But, it’s not just farm raised salmon that you should avoid. All farm raised fish and seafood are farmed in overcrowded tanks that are dirty and filled with waste and desease. Isn’t that just gross!? I’m not completely apposed to farmed fish, but I think the practices and guidelines need to be monitored better.  

Here are just a few other links to check out:

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One Comment on “Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised Fish”

  1. Scott Bailey says:

    Great minds! I watched this entire video yesterday 🙂


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