One Year!

Happy Birthday, Beau Samson!

Oh my goodness! It’s crazy how a year can go by so fast and yet seem like it was forever ago that I was meeting my son for the first time!

Look at how tiny he was!

Look at how tiny he was!

I tried to recreate these pictures, but of course you can’t get a 1 year old to sit still!






At 12 months:

  • You are walking holding onto things and can stand on your own, but not walking on your own yet. Any day now you’ll take off!
  • You are so super smart! You can legit say so many words like ball, block, book, hi, bye, duck, dog, mamma, dadda, nanna, please, more, beep beep. You attempt to say (we can understand) apple sauce, water, Teagan, Dillon, bath, grandma, grandpa, balloon, tree, Elmo, Mickey, pillow, bottle.
  • You can make the sounds for: cow, pig, rhino, truck, plane, fire truck, cat, giraff (sticks his tongue out), drum, bumble bee.
  • You love Elmo and Mickey Mouse
  • You give kisses, hugs, blow kisses, and high fives and you like to stand at the door or the window and knock at it. You also point to things that you want and will say and sign please.
  • You eat pretty much whatever we eat now and no matter if you’ve had dinner already, you want whatever is on our plate.

I love you so so much Beau Wade! I love your silly personality and how sweet you are most of the time. You are very loving and like to share your toys and food. You are very independent and strong-willed! You love to be silly and laugh and you love your mom and dad the most! 🙂


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