Coming Soon….The Bradley Method®

I’m so excited to get to write this post today! I want to tell you about a something I am very passionate about.

About two years ago, I watched a documentary film called The Business of Being Born. It was because of this film and a lot of other research, that I decided to try and have a natural birth.

We considered a few different birthing centers as well as some hospitals in the area. We eventually decided to go with the midwives at Allen Birthing Center and signed up for The Bradley Method® course in order to prepare us for natural childbirth. I honestly feel that I wouldn’t have been able to have a successful birth experience without the knowledge and skills that we gained through The Bradley Method®.

You can read about it here.

I loved our birth experience so much and have such a passion for educating others about natural childbirth. So, I decided to become a Bradley Method® Instructor and doula! I attended the workshop in November of last year and have now completed all of the academic requirements to start teaching.

Alan and I start our first series of classes on April 7th. If you are pregnant or know anyone that is pregnant and would like more information about our classes or would like to register, email me at


One Comment on “Coming Soon….The Bradley Method®”

  1. Kalliemack says:

    Jen- what a fun journey. I am also going to pursue being a doula (I was going to start this summer but I think I will wait until we have the foster care going) I cant wait to hear how things are going for you.

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