10 Months!

Happy 10 Months, Beau!

At 10 Months:

  • You have four teeth and are eating so much food now! I read that babies start to develop their eating habits around 6-12 months old and that this is the time to introduce all different kinds of spices and flavors so that they don’t become picky eaters. So, I’m seasoning Beau’s food now and he loves garlic… which makes sense because Alan and I chew raw garlic regularly (to fight off colds) and so I’m sure Beau can taste that through his milk. 


gluten-free pasta with steamed carrots and green beans.

gluten-free pasta with garlic and cheese, steamed carrots, and green beans.


  • It seems like everyone is getting sick this year and you had your first ear infection and RSV. That was so terrible. You had a fever for several days and at one point it got up to 104.5 and that was scary. There’s nothing like holding your sick crying baby and feeling so heartbroken and helpless. But, All Better!! 
Trying to bring down the fever. You were so miserable that even bath time didn't make you feel better.

Trying to bring down the fever. You were so miserable that even bath time didn’t make you feel better.


  • We went to the zoo in Gainesville, TX for a little outing and that was fun. I can’t wait to go to the the big zoos in Dallas and Fort Worth this summer when you are older. 

  • And exciting news for me! After 10 months, I’m finally back to pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into my jeans again! I honestly thought that I would be back into my regular clothes in just a few months but that didn’t happen! I planned on working out as soon as I was physically able to after Beau was born, but it was harder than I thought. Even though I felt frumpy, I just wasn’t super motivated. But, now I am working out at the gym taking boot camp class and we eat pretty healthy so that’s what’s working for me. 


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