9 Months Old!

Happy 9 Months Old, Beau! 

At 9 months:

  • You are getting more and more of a personality each week.  I love to see you learn and react to things and really show off who you are. Most of the time you are so sweet and well behaved and a happy boy. But, I don’t really love when you throw fits and get upset. You are very stubborn and strong-willed (like your mom) and I’m trying to be very mindful of letting you be your own person while teaching you it’s not ok to throw a fit to get what you want. All part of growing up and learning… for both of us!
Big kid!

Big kid!

  • The sounds you make are: mamma, daddaa, neenee, buh, baybuh, guhllalgulla. You can wave hi and bye bye. You can clap your hands. You can sign “more” and “all done”.
Standing up all on my own!

Standing up all on my own!

  • You can crawl, pull up to a stand, and take a few steps while holding on to something. You also like to crawl over everything and it’s funny to see you figure things out. Like if you are standing up and you want a toy, you will figure out how to get down without falling. Or, you will reach in the window of your school bus toy for the little people and realize you can’t pull it out, so you will take your hand out and reach through the top. So smart!!


  • You love reading books! Your favorite book is Elmo’s ABC book and you get so excited every time I flip through the pages. You also like Brown Bear, Brown Bear and love when I say “the bear says groowwlll” “the dog says wooof wooof” etc.
  • You love the Small Potato videos and you clap your hands and flap your arms really fast when the song comes on.
  • Your two bottom middle teeth are finally coming in and you are getting one tooth on top. I bet you will have four or five teeth by the end of the month!

  • You eat so much food now! All kinds of veggies and fruits plus yogurt, egg yolks, chicken, beans, lentils, and quinoa. You have also decided to wean yourself from breastfeeding a little bit. You now only nurse about 3 maybe 4 times a day and we have started to give you formula at night to help you stay full longer.


  • You are starting to sleep through the night sometimes and other times wake up around 3:00am or 4:00am to nurse. But, you almost always go to bed around 7:00pm (your choice) and now you only take two naps during the day. Usually a morning nap around 10:00am and an afternoon nap around 2:00pm or 3:00pm and you will sleep for about an hour which is nice because I can get things done… or relax!

  • You went to the park and went down the slide and on the swing for the first time. You really like the park and love being outside.


One Comment on “9 Months Old!”

  1. Donna Long says:

    Nana also loves watching you grow and you have two wonderful parents who love you so much. They are such great examples of God’s love. I cannot believe you are so big and am so excited to continue to watch all the changes and life’s steps for you.

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