Half A Year Already!?

Happy 6 Months To Beau Today!

At 6 Months:

  • Beau is such a happy little boy. Every time I am out somewhere people comment on how good he is. He just looks around at everything, never fusses, and interacts with people by smiling and cooing.
  • He has really found his voice and likes to squeal very loudly if happy and also when upset… like when he doesn’t want to take a nap!
  • Beau is sitting on the floor propped up by his hands or he can sit if  holding on to something like the laundry basket!

  • No teeth yet but still drooling and chewing on everything.
  • Beau has started to eat food now! The only thing he has had is avocado, but so far so good with that. We will start sweet potatoes and squash later this week! By the time Thanksgiving is here, he will get to have a feast!

First Pumpkin Carving

B is for Beau!


One Comment on “Half A Year Already!?”

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