Beau’s First Food

Beau has been so intrigued by eating the past few weeks! Any time we eat or drink, he stops what he’s doing and stares at us in awe. He also tries to grab at our cups or plates if he’s in our lap. So, being that he is only a few days shy of 6 months old, we decided to introduce food to Beau today! I was really excited and sort of nervous about starting solids. He’s never had baby cereal or anything else but breast milk (other than a few times we tried formula). There are so many opinions on when to start solids and what foods to start with. Ultimately, we decided to start with one of my favorites- Avocados! We always have avocados, they are nutritious, and don’t require cooking and pureeing! Here’s Beau with his first meal.

Unsure about this green stuff!

You have a little… umm…something on your nose!

Washed it all down with a nice cold water


So I have some questions to other parents that have been through this introducing solids thing.

  • What did your baby love and not like to eat when you introduced solids?
  • I want to make all of his baby food. What did you use to prepare and store baby food?
  • Do you recommend any brand of cups, plates, storage, etc. that is BPA free/eco-friendly?
  • Any other advice about feeding a baby?



3 Comments on “Beau’s First Food”

  1. I made all of my own baby food too! What a money saver! I bought everything at farmer’s markets or got it from my parent’s garden and then cooked it up, put it through the blender and put it in ice cube trays. Once they were frozen I put the cubes in ziploc bags and took one or two out at a time. Squash was all of my kid’s favorite!

  2. Kallie says:

    I did the same with the ice tray… Copeland liked everything but green beans. Squash was his favorite.

  3. Wade Made says:

    Thanks for sharing! I think I will try the ice cube trays to freeze his food.

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