5 Months!

Happy 5 Months Old!

Beau, you are growing up too fast! I know to everyone else you are a little baby, but to me you are turning into a little boy who is so smart and silly!

At 5 Months:

  • You are rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back. Sitting up in your exersaucer and reaching to grab toys. You reach for anything that comes close to you and put it in your mouth. You are so drooly and will probably be getting your first tooth any day now!

I love how we can actually see you learning as you play!

You now grab your feet and try so hard to get them in your mouth!

  • Yay! You have started to sleep through the night! Last week you slept 12 hours, way to go! You like to babble and moan when you are falling asleep, which is funny. You also wake up and play in your crib and look around. I think it is so funny that you stare at the monitor like you know it means we will come in and get you. You are so smart!

Mom, Dad, Come get me!

  • You have such a funny personality already. You love being silly by making all kinds of sounds, making spit bubbles and raspberries with your mouth, playing peekaboo, and love laughing at mom and dad being silly!

Silly boy! You thought this was so funny!

  • Already a momma’s boy! You have started to become very aware of mom and when I am in the room or not. You have even started to have a little bit of stranger anxiety which is sad but I also sort of love that you want your mom or dad over anyone else. I have a feeling like it’s going to get harder as you get older because you are with me all of the time.

Hangin out with Dad on the couch


One Comment on “5 Months!”

  1. Autumn says:

    Jen, I always love reading your sweet blog posts. Beau is sooo handsome! And of course, you and Alan are super awesome parents. I’m just sure of it.

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