Beau’s Room

When I was pregnant, people always asked me what the theme of Beau’s room was going to be, and I could never give a clear description. I wasn’t completely sure myself what the theme of his room would be but I knew I wanted it to be unique and look like no other baby’s room. I have absolutely no interior design sense. Seriously! I just get so overwhelmed with it that I just stick to simple barebones for the entire home. But, I wanted a really cool little boy’s room for my son… and let’s be honest, it was mostly for me. So, I spent many many hours on Pinterest and other websites looking for room decor inspiration. Since we are in an apartment, I couldn’t go all out with wallpaper and didn’t want to have to worry about painting an entire room knowing we wouldn’t be here but a year or two. I wanted his room to look like the inside of Anthropologie…but boyish. I also loved decor from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn Kids…but they are a bit too pricy for us. And I wanted to support Etsy shop owners and spent hours looking at original artwork. I can remember a few weeks before Beau was born, nothing was put together in his room, we had no decorations, and the room was just a big mess! I cried several times over it, which is just silly now that I think about it. But slowly, his room came together and it gives me so much joy that it is now complete and just what I envisioned!

Alan and Scott putting together the crib just  TWO WEEKS before Beau was born. See what a mess the room was!

View from the doorway. The letter B was inspired by a room on Pinterest and made by Jason Ferguson, a friend of ours. Alphabet artwork from Etsy.

Many many hours spent in that corner! A comfortable rocking chair and ottoman is worth the investment! Thank you mom for getting that for us.

Chevron wall painted by Alan. I love it so much! The crib is great because it has drawers on the bottom and sides. Thank you Lesia (Alan’s mom) for the crib and the hand painted growth chart! Thank you Dawn (Alan’s step-mom) for the Dwell Studio bedding and quilt!

There is a door on this wall that goes out to the living room and I wanted to cover it. So we got this tree tapestry from Urban Outfitters. Isn’t it great!?

Artwork from Etsy, wall hooks from Urban Outfitters, and letters from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Joann’s.

Brown curtains from Target and elephant tiebacks from Urban Outfitters

I love this Lion rug we got from Garden Ridge!

Animal hooks add artwork and function to the small wall

The room’s built-in desk became his changing area with his cloth diapers, diaper pail, and laundry basket below.

Where to find the items that make his room so great!


Dwell Studio Bedding

Glider and Ottoman

Elephant tie-backs

Birch Trees Tapestry

Alphabet artwork

Letter Blocks

Woodland Animal Prints

Blue Umbra laundry bin

Globe Nightlight


2 Comments on “Beau’s Room”

  1. Hala says:

    Absolutely AMAZING!!! I love it!

  2. […] This was Beau’s first home. His room is so cool and it’s all he has ever known. So it’s a little sad to take it all down and […]

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