We Made It! The 3 Month Mark!

On this day, three months ago, I gave birth to my baby boy! It has been the most exhausting but rewarding months of my life. Alan has been home all summer and we have gotten to spend all day every day as a family. I know, I am super lucky! Everyone always said the first three months are the hardest. Just get past the first three monts, that’s what I always heard from other parents. So, I was kind of dreading the first three monts. I mentally prepared myself for the worst. I thought I would be a zombie from no sleep, emotional or maybe a little post-partum depression, not connect with my baby, and not be as close to Alan. But honestly, it has been so much better than I anticipated. Yes, the first few weeks were very difficult but not at all what I dreaded. Because Alan is home, we have been a team and bonded so much over raising our son. We have shared all of the parenting roles and household duties equally. I am also so blessed that I didn’t experience any depression. Beau is such a good baby and I am amazed at how soon he has connected with us and already has a personality and interacts with us. I have loved the past three months. It’s a time I will never get back and I hold on to each little moment dearly.

At 3 months:

  • Beau is cooing and babbling. His favorite object to talk to is the wall outlet next to his changing table. He will stare at it and laugh and coo at it. It’s the funniest thing. He always loves to laugh at mom and dad’s silly faces.

  • Beau is so strong and active. He rarely sits still. He always wants to be moving around and looking at everything. He can push up his upper body when on his tummy and has rolled over twice. He also has discovered his feet and tries really hard to crunch up and grab them.
  • Beau is really great at playing on his own on the play mat and his favorite toy is a colorful bird, that we call Larry.

  • Beau sleeps pretty great at nights. An average night is 7 hours of sleep, wake to eat and change, then 3-4 hours of sleep, wake to eat, then 1-2 hours of sleep.
  • Beau loves bath time. I think he could spend an hour in the bath if we let him. But as soon as we get out and go to change him he cries. It is so sad but his little pouty lip is so darn cute! I can’t wait until he is older and can actually sit and play in the bath. I think he will really love that.


Summer break is coming to an end and soon Alan will be going back to work. I will miss this time but am really looking forward to the next three months. I love you Beau Samson!


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