Intro to Cloth

Since Alan and I have been using cloth diapers for Beau, several people have asked us about it.  I have researched a lot on cloth diapering and love to hear what works for other parents that use cloth. So, I thought I would share some on our adventures in diapering. If you aren’t interested in hearing about diapers and poo and such… you probably aren’t interested in this post! 🙂


There are so many benefits of cloth diapers as oppose to disposables. I have read that because of the water and energy it takes to wash cloth diapers, it is slightly more green than disposables. But, you aren’t just throwing them away after one use. You can use them for additional children, use them as burp rags, and then resale them when you no longer need them.  You can also line dry them to save energy. Also, you aren’t using plastic bags to throw the diapers away. Reduce, Reuse, and recycle. That’s pretty eco friendly to me. I also like the idea that Beau won’t have plastic and chemicals up against his skin all day long for at least two years while in diapers.

The main reason we chose cloth diapers though is the money we would save. I had no idea how much diapers cost before expecting a baby. I personally didn’t like the idea of spending about $50 each month on diapers and wipes for at least two years and then again for any other children we have. With cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and the accessories we will spend a total of $300-400 for the entire time he is in diapers and then use the same ones for the next child. Then, I plan to make some of the money back by selling them when we are done. You can find great deals on used diapers through Craig’s List if you want to save even more money. Yes, you do have to do more laundry with cloth diapers, but it isn’t that time consuming to me. Just a light load every other day or every 2 days. The more cloth diapers you own, the longer you can go without washing, but I don’t like to let them sit for more than two days.

Isn’t it gross and inconvenient?

I dont think so! Breastfed baby poo isn’t gross to me. It doen’t smell bad and sprays off really easy into the toilet. I’m sure once he starts on solid food it will be a bit messier, but nothing that we can’t handle. It’s not that much more work to change a cloth diaper than a disposable. If the diaper is just wet, it goes straight into the diaper pail until wash day.  If it’s dirty, I just spray it off into the toilet… never have to dunk it in the toilet like a lot of people think you do. Then into the pail. We use a trash can with a fitted lid and a washable diaper pail liner that keeps all moisture and smells in. We also have cloth wipes and wipe solution and those are just as easy to use as disposable wipes, but get washed a reused. If we are out somewhere, we just change the diaper and put it in a wet bag, which keeps all moisture and smells in. Then when we get home, the diaper goes in the diaper pail and the wet bag gets washed with everything when needed. Cloth diapers are now so much like disposables that it really is easy to do.

Diaper Sprayer sprays poo right off into the toilet

Beau’s diapers hanging to dry

What do we use?

This is the question I am always asking when I hear of someone else that uses cloth diapers. There are just so many ways to cloth diaper and so many brands and styles to choose from now, that I am always curious to know what works for other families. Currently we use a Clotheez cotton prefold or fitted Kissaluv cloth diaper with a Rumparooz cover. We also have some Flip, Apple Cheeks and Fuzzibunz pocket diapers. We wash all of his diapers with Lulu’s but we also have Tiny Bubbles detergent that is safe for diapers as well.

Flip, FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, Apple Cheeks covers with Kissaluv fitted diapers or a prefold. We also use cotton flannel wipes.

Resources- here are some sites to check out if you want to learn more about cloth diapers.

Kelly’s Closet

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Green Mountain Diapers

Some interesting info to check out


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