Happy 1 Month!

One month has gone by so fast but it seems like forever ago that Beau was born. It’s true that no matter what you are told, nothing can really prepare you for motherhood. The first week was hard because I was so tired and everything was healing and I didn’t really feel over the moon in love and connected with Beau. I never had baby blues or depression, but there were several times where I just cried and cried. One day I was feeding him and just pouring tears because I just didn’t want to be feeding him in that moment and I had to and I didn’t feel loving toward him and I felt so sad that I was feeling that way. Once I cried because I thought he was hungry and thought that I didn’t have enough milk to feed him… it turns out he was just crying because he was tired. So was I! I cried because none of my clothes fit and all of my maternity clothes look so frumpy and I just wanted to feel cute again. Each week has been challenging but it gets better and better as I learn what Beau’s cries mean, what soothes him, how to get things dones when he is sleeping, etc. Overall, it has been great and I am getting the hang of this mom thing. I also love seeing Alan as a dad. He is so great with Beau and always seems like he knows what to do with him. Each day Beau grows and changes and I see his personality come out and love him more and more.

Things Alan and I love about 1 month old Beau:

  • Sometimes when he is done feeding, he will pull away with his face covered in milk and grin really big. It melts my heart every time. I wish I had a picture!
  • He is so strong. He will be laying on mine or Alan’s chest and hold his head up and look at our faces and turn his head and look around. I love that he is starting to look at us and make eye contact and started to respond to me talking to him.
  • Beau smiles and giggles in his sleep. It is the cutest sound.
  • I am not sure why he does this but toward the end of feeding, he will pull away and then cry about it as if I were the one that made him stop eating. But it is the cutest little whine. I think it is so funny.
  • Beau has man farts! It cracks Alan and I up at how much and loud he farts.
  • Cuddling and sleeping with him on our chest.
  • Funny Faces! Our favorite is Chinese Man face where he purses his lips together and raises his eyebrows.


One Comment on “Happy 1 Month!”

  1. Donna Long says:

    Absolutely head over heals in love with Beau. It has also been incredible to watch my daughter grow into motherhood. Jen you and Alan are both wonderful parents and yes each day, week will bring new loving memories and challenges. God has truly blessed you three. Love Mom.

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