Welcome, Beau Samson Wade!

Dear Beau,

You’re 1 week old today! One week went by so fast but it also seems so long ago that you were born. Your dad and I love you so much and each day we are finding new things that we love about you. You are such a good baby. You eat and sleep so well and are rarely fussy. I can’t wait to watch you grow and hope I cherish each stage, because I know you are going to grow up so fast. I wrote down the story of your birth so that I could always remember the day you were born. It goes something like this…

The weekend of April 21-22 I was in full nesting mode. Even though we kept saying that Beau would probably come late, I had this overwhelming anxious feeling that everything had to be done that weekend. My mommy-senses were already kicked in and all I wanted to do was clean and get our apartment ready for Beau. I went to work Monday, April 23, and was feeling anxious all day… like time was running out to get everything completed. After work I came home and took a nap. Usually, I come home and nap from 4:00-5:00pm and then wake up and make dinner. But this time I slept through my alarm and woke up a little after 6:00pm…which my body obviously knew I needed because I was getting ready to have the longest day of my life. Alan and I stayed up until around 10:00pm getting Beau’s room ready. I wanted to stay up longer and get everything done but Alan said we could finish everything the next day. I remember laying in bed telling Alan that I wanted the apartment clean and organized the next day. Well, that didn’t happen! I woke up to go to the bathroom around 12:30am on Tuesday and started feeling cramps. I layed in bed trying to figure out if what I was feeling was contractions or not. I woke up Alan and told him I thought I was having contractions but wasn’t sure. We both just weren’t sure that what I was feeling was real labor or not.  I woke him up again and asked if he would time the contractions. They were about 3-5 minutes apart so we were confused. We thought that contractions would start out far apart and not that strong. It turns out, I probably started having contractions as soon as I fell asleep and just slept through the first few hours. Around 2:00am, Alan got up to pack our bags. We were not ready at all!

We drove to Allen Birthing Center and got there about 3:00am. The midwife checked my dilation when we got there and I was at 3 cm. She told us to go walk around the block and to come back in about an hour. Alan and I walked up and down the street and went back in to get checked around 4:00am. I had progressed to 4 cm and she told us we could be admitted. Alan called our moms and Autumn, our photographer, and told everyone that they could head up the the birthing center. The rest of the day is a big blur to me where I have no idea of time and blocked out everything that was going on around me. What’s great and different about laboring at a birthing center is how intimate it is. Most of the day it was just me and Alan by ourselves getting through each contraction one at a time. The midwife or her assistant would come in often to check the heart rate, write down what I was doing, and very few times check my progression. I remember trying to do all of the things we learned in our Bradley Method classes to help get through contractions. I sat on an exercise ball and rocked my hips. I leaned over the side of the bed a lot. We went walking outside several times. I hung around Alan’s neck with all my weight. I was standing and walking all day and it was so exhausting since I was going off of two hours of sleep. Twice during the day I was so exhausted that I got in the tub with warm water to slow down the contractions so that I could sleep between them. At some point in the afternoon, our midwife checked me and decided that we should break my water to help speed things up. Once she did, the contractions came on so much stronger and it was so hard to get through each one. The hardest part was around 2:00pm, our midwife took me and Alan outside and we walked around the block. I wasn’t allowed to stop walking, I just had to push through it and keep walking to get me fully dilated and Beau in position for birth. After we walked around the block, Alan and I sat on the porch swing and we rocked back and forth for a while. Finally, I had the urge to go to the bathroom, which is a good sign I was getting close to pushing. We went in and I sat on the toilet for not long because the pushing feeling started to come. We moved to the bedroom and I started to feel intense pressure and the urge to push. I was trying to tell the midwife that I needed to get in the water because he was coming. I don’t think anyone realized how close he was to coming. I got in the tub and started pushing with each contraction. It was the most intense pain I have ever felt. I remember praying and asking God to help me get through this. I was praying, Lord, give me the strength, I can’t do this. I had the 3D sonogram taped to the wall next to the birthing tub. During one of my pushes, I opened my eyes and looked at his sweet face and thought, I’m doing this for you. After about 20 minutes of pushing, I pushed with all my strength and out he came! Alan caught him and put him on my chest and everyone cheered and cried and I just sat there completely exhausted and overwhelmed with what just happened and the fact that I was holding my baby and he was safe and healthy and we made it!

Alan was the best coach and I am so thankful for our Bradley Method classes! He was encouraging, helped me focus on my breathing, let me hang on him with all my weight for most of the day, and didn’t let me give up when I wanted to. I am so thankful for him and all the work he did to help me get through the birth of our son. Carol, our midwife, was so helpful and did everything to help me know Beau and I were doing great and that we could do it. Our moms were so helpful in getting Alan and I food and drink throughout the day to keep up our energy and were understanding whenever I was rude or told them to go away or be quiet or whatever I said to them throughout the day. Autumn was there the entire day capturing the whole thing through her lense. I am so thankful to her for giving us pictures to always have to remember the day. And of course, I am continuously thankful to God that he blessed us with a child, that he kept us safe and healthy, and gave me the strength to get through it all.

Here is a video of Beau’s Birth.

Here is a slide show of some pictures.

Autumn Reynolds blog of Beau’s birth.


2 Comments on “Welcome, Beau Samson Wade!”

  1. Kallie says:

    I am way to Emotional at this point in my pregnancy to be watching this video and slide show… Cried through the whole thing. So happy for y’all.

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