Opinions on Baby Making…

I have some opinions on baby making… you know… the daily ins and outs of my body making a baby! There are so many things that I have come to realize or experience each new week of this process that I want share with everyone. I would normally post these opinions and little thoughts as a facebook status, but I don’t want to come across as though that is what my entire life is about. In fact, I will just start with that opinion!

1. It may not seem like it, but there is more to my life other than the fact that I’m pregnant. As soon as people find out that you are pregnant, that is THE ONLY thing that people want to ask you about. Even if you see these people every day, it is the same question. “How are you, how’s the baby”?! Guess what, I told you yesterday I was good, and I’m still good, thanks for asking! I know people are just being nice, and I’m probably guilty of doing the same thing at times, but it can be a bit annoying. Tip: Maybe be creative if you are going to attempt small talk with a pregnant woman and come up with a new question besides how’s the baby. Suggestions- What books are you reading? (several, let me tell ya!) Try any new recipes lately? (tons! which I promise to share eventually) What movies or shows are you watching on netflix? (just finished all Harry Potter movies for the first time) See, that was so easy! Now that I’m done talking about why there is more to me than being pregnant, I have lots to say about being pregnant! šŸ™‚

2. Pregnant brain actually exists! It’s not fake, I promise! For all you skeptics like me that think women just make excuses for things by blaming it on their baby, I am living proof. I was fairly… um maybe mostly, forgetful about things before I was pregnant. It has gone to an all new extreme! For example, today someone asked what apartment number I live in and I said “5934… no 5034… yeah 5034 I think”. I drive up to our building today and was like oohhhh, that’s right! I live in 5434! If I don’t write it down right when you ask me to do something or do it right away, I will forget. And husband, sorry, I am just not going to remember any conversations! You know how if you want to delete a file and it always says “Are you sure you want to delete?” My brain auto deletes things without asking me and I dont know how to turn this function off!

3. Why aren’t all pants made like maternity pants!? The Gap makes some maternity pants and jeans that look just like the regular kind except with elastic waist bands! I used to be excited about jeans day at work but now I just don’t care because all my pants have elastic waist bands… what is better than that!? Which I have also come to realize the elastic waist band isn’t so much for the growing belly as it is for the fact that I might pee myself at any minute and buttons and zippers would beĀ disastrous! I do however miss tucked in shirts with cute belts… I was just starting to really like that look and had to forgo that very quickly after getting pregnant. But for now… elastic waist bands!!

4. You know what else is real? Crying! I really havent been as emotional as I thought I would be. I really don’t cry or get emotional that often. But the times I have been super emotional have been so random and over little things. Just the other day I went into the bathroom at work and could not stop crying, and it was over the silliest little thing. The other night I accidentally hit Alan in the hand, which has a swollen jammed finger, and he hardly responded but to me at that moment, he might as well of yelled and cussed me out because I just started crying and going I’m so sorry and I didn’t mean to. He was like why are you crying!? Now that I think about it, I am more emotional but it’s not really on the crying side of the spectrum. I just get really easily annoyed with people more than normal. I think maybe I’m bitchier than I am anything else. IĀ apologizeĀ for any past or future rudeness you see from me. It’s the um… hormones, yeah it’s not my fault, totally the hormones!

5. Gas! Yeah, I don’t think anyone prepared me or Alan for all of the gas. But this is one thing I totally blame on the baby every single time. It’s totally not me, it’s Beau that is farting! So I don’t feel so bad.

6. I have an opinion about complaining. Sure, there is a lot to complain about when there is a human growing inside of you. My back hurts, I’m hungry but nothing sounds good, I’m so tired, my chest and throat are on fire and on and on. I’m really good at complaining. I can do it without even noticing! But, I try really hard not to complain with being pregnant. The reason is because I actually had a fear that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. All I ever wanted was to be a mom and I thought for some reason it wouldn’t happen. And I know a lot of women that would give an entire year of misery to be pregnant and would consider it the best year of their life. And the fact that I was able to get pregnant on the first try and have a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy is worthy of daily praise and thanks to God, not complaints. Ā So, I just want to acknowledge the fact that I consider every nausea, heartburn, backache, etc. a joy because it is evidence that God has answered my prayer. And I pray that all of you that want to have a baby will be able to one day experience the miseries of pregnancy and do so knowing how much of a blessing it all is.

I have another opinion…. what was it? Shoot, I forgot! I’ll remember later!


One Comment on “Opinions on Baby Making…”

  1. Kalliemack says:

    I agree with all of this… wait til you have another and you can compare. FOR ME, the difference between a boy pregnancy and a girl pregnancy has been night and day. It is so funny to me how different this one has been. I have been crazy emotional with this little one, I have had cravings things I didnt have with C. I feel like I failed you not telling you about the gas… I had NEVER let Josh hear me and then when I was pregnant I set him down and told him sorry I was just going to have to do it in front of him… but you know what after I had C we got back to normal so I think everything is different when you are preggo. I tell Josh so many more details when I am pregnant then normal… oh and if you get to breast feed that really opens up a new door! (I will have to tell you a story sometime… oddly it involves you) Beau is lucky to have 2 great parents, cant wait to meet him (neither can Gray).

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