Road Trip!

Alan and I just got home from a looonngg road trip to visit family in Ohio and Indiana. Yep! We drove from Texas to Ohio and then to Indiana and back to Texas. If you have ever driven through middle America on a road trip, then you know that there is nothing but Fast Food chains or “Country Home Cookin” type restaurants that really have nothing but fried foods or foods covered in salt and butter. Gross! So here’s the skinny on how to stay skinny on a road trip! (I’m lame!) You need to prepare for the trip by planning meals and snacks that are easy to assemble and healthy and can keep in a cooler or at room temperature. Of course I’m going to suggest organic produce and so on and so on. But, buy what you can! Here are some suggestions to help you start planning for your next road trip!

You will need:

A large cooler (or two) with freezer packs

A large bag for non-cold items

Plates, Napkins, cups, cutlery, baby wipes for clean up

Eatin Stuffs:

Easy to eat fruit such as- Bananas, grapes, cherries, apples, clementines, etc.

Fruit Salad- cut up fruit at home and drizzle with a mixture of a small amount of lemon juice and water. Keep fruit salad in a large ziplock bag. Or you could do a large bag of bite size pieces of different melon.

Bite size veggies- baby carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini, etc.

Sliced Bread

Peanut Butter and preserves/jam

cheese slices or sticks


Chips (Food Should Taste Good chips or my favorite)

Guacamole (they make it in easy to eat packets)

Yogurt cups or apple sauce cups

Hard-boiled eggs

Granola or protein bars

Mixed nuts or trail mix

Canned fish- tuna, salmon, or sardines


Jar of Pickles or olives

Homemade muffins


Large gallon of filtered water

Addendum: Endless supply of LANCE sunflower seeds

Yep! You see this sort of thing driving through Ohio!

Ok, I think that is quite enough! Did I miss something? Do you have any other great suggestions for healthy eats for a road trip?


2 Comments on “Road Trip!”

  1. Aanna says:

    Super helpful! Thanks for this list!!! I’m going to put a link to it on my travel checklist. (Yes…I have a travel checklist. I’m lame, too!)

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