YumUniverse and Vegan Lasagna

Heather Crosby is the creator of YumUniverse, a blog that I discovered while on our month of detox eating. I have loved going through and reading each recipe on her site as well as attempting to replicate many of her creations. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right!? I am all for helping others try out a diet of eating clean and wholesome and so is Heather. She has created a gorgeous book full of recipes and advice on eating a plant-based diet and I think everyone should check it out! The YU Test Drive: Volume 1


Gluten-free, Dairy-free Vegetable Lasagna

Who would have thought to make a lasagna without pasta or cheese!? This is one of the recipes from YumUniverse that will now be a staple in our home. This is completely made out of fresh produce, organic pasta sauce, and homemade vegan ricotta cheese. This meal was so so good that Alan, my mom, and I scarfed down an entire dish in one sitting. I made two pans of this and I am glad I did so that we could have leftovers for the week. I would attempt to give instructions on how to make this, but there is a way prettier version on YumUniverse here. I suggest doubling the recipe for two reasons. 1. This does take a bit more time and preparation than a lot of other meals I make during the week, so make two dishes while you are at it. 2. This is so good that you will just want to have a second one in the fridge for the rest of the week, it’s that good!

I also suggest making some garlic toast with Ezekiel bread (or the likes) to scoop up all that yummy cheesy pasta sauce!


2 Comments on “YumUniverse and Vegan Lasagna”

  1. Excellent job, Jennifer! I am so happy that you like it as much as we do in my home. Thanks for the YU love.

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